Happy New Year 2021!! I have a couple of questions for you
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Hello there,

It would be nice if you can spend a minute on this information which may bring a lot of benefits for your business.

My name is Ashok Kumar and I'm with Creativeartfotozs. We can help you in Photo Editing from your Photography.
As for the team, we are made up of professionally trained members who had extensive working experience. Therefore, we can fulfill any order request, along with revisions or QAs to ensure the best Editing quality. In detail, we quick delivery time of 9 hours for the order.
I have confidence that we will help you in lowering your cost per order, thereby you can greatly increase your profit.
Besides Edit all types of photos , we also providing other services like 360 photo editing, Day to dusk Editing, Wedding Photo editing , Clipping Path (background removing of product), and much more. We are always open to collaborating with you.

Please let me know if you have questions or need any help along the way, I’d love to share more information with you. Let's talk and achieve great results!

Kind regards,

Website: creativeartfotozs.com
Dear sir,
Hope you are doing well. 
My name is Mehdy Hasan Shamim, I am from Farid City, Bangladesh. 
I am a Photo editor,  I have been working as a Photo editor since 2013. I worked as a retoucher under Schnell media ( Bangladesh branch), & worked as freelance editor for Bright-River during a pandemic situation , and worked as a Production partner for BoostClipping.com. 
Schnell Media, Bright-river, is the biggest media company. They provide photo editing services for photographers & Ecommerce agencies. Luckily I had got a working opportunity as a freelance photo editor under all these companies. 
Schnell media & Bright river have their own production house. and they are not interested in giving us a working opportunity for a long time. and boostclipping.com is a cheating company, I worked for them for 14 month with faith, but they have paid us only 5 month payment. and without any notice they stopped working  with us.  
Now we are passing a very difficult time. To survive we need regular based jobs. for that reason we are looking for an opportunity to start work as a production team. actually we are highly interested to work under a Photography/Media company permanently. 

I cordially request you to give us a working opportunity. We will try to provide our best service.  
Many many thanks and best regards. 

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